Monday, March 14, 2011

Ecuador: Quick Update

I got a call from Megan this evening through some sort of Google-based phone program. Despite the horrible connection, I was able to learn that she arrived in Quito safely, is having a great time, is living with a family, plans to visit the markets tomorrow, and has not yet eaten guinea pig.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Off to Ecuador

Megan began an epic journey very, very early this morning. For her first spring break on the faculty side of things, Megan was asked to be the faculty sponsor for a service-learning trip to Quito, Ecuador. Once in Ecuador, Megan and the 14 students on the trip will volunteer with an excellent organization called Ubelong. Anyone interested in following Megan's trip--or any of the other SMU service programs--can visit the SMU Adventures Blog (note: Knapp Adventure Blog predates the SMU Adventures Blog . . . I'm sure our lawyers will work out the rights at some point).

So far, the getting to Ecuador part has been the main adventure. To save limited funds, Megan and the student travelers were forced into an arduous journey. They gathered at our house for pizza and hilariously bad 70s movies dubbed in Spanish before leaving by car for Houston just before 2 AM. Of course, the hour of 2 AM did not exist last night, so they arrived in Houston shortly after 6 this morning. They are now en route to Miami for a refreshing six-hour layover before flying to Quito. Harper (world's best dog) and I are still recovering from the late night with the students, so I cannot imagine how tired they are. Fortunately, they will have some great sleep in the Andes fairly soon.
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