Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movember 2013: Meet Doug. Fight Cancer.

I’d like to introduce you to my 2013 mustache. His name is Doug. Doug’s hobbies include changing the oil on his dirtbike, blasting AC/DC from the boombox, Steven Seagal movies, and not taking anyone’s BS. In a previous life, Doug won third place in cornhole at the 1983 Wisconsin State Fair. He followed that success with three consecutive “Most Inedibly Hot Chili” awards at the Terlingua International Chili Championship. Doug has never worked a day past 5 in his life. Unless you call welding “work.” I know Doug doesn’t.

This year Doug has dedicated himself to fighting cancer from coast to coast, from Fenway to Petco, from Talladega to Dover International. Doug would appreciate your support in this endeavor. The link below will take you to our Movember page, and you can join the largest male health fundraiser on the planet.

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