Saturday, December 23, 2006


After 26 hours in transit, we've arrived in Nairobi. We battled stinky airline seats, 50,000 disgruntled passengers camped out at Heathrow, bribed a London cabbie to break the law to get us to that massive disgruntled crowd, and we waited for what seemed like forever in a sea of moths to grab our luggage.

Nairobi seems to have a lot of "foam" related industry. Can't get our heads around that one . . .

Can get our heads around one idea--bed!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you're there and that the adventure can begin in earnest. I know it'll be just marvelous. Hope everything goes to plan--if not just roll with it. Get plenty of rest for plenty of energy.

Luv ya'll--
Daddy Rick

Mark Darsh Everett said...

now that I am 18, let me be the first to say...Christmas Gift!

Is the Somalian/Ethiopian conflict being talked about much over there?

Mark Everett

Jessica said...

Merry Christmas you two! I'm sure it'll be a memorable one! Glad you've made it safely there... Can't wait to hear more about your adventures (and the foam).

Love and miss,

wb said...

This is John Donnelly. Everyone is here at the folks in Spring .

Merry Christmas ! We all hope you and Brad are safe and having fun.

Tom said...

Merry Christmas!! Chirstmas Gift you two love birds. I hope you are snuggling with lots and lots of funny animals.


Anonymous said...

Surprise !

A bunch of white people with clothes on:

jess stoner said...

YES!! I am so excited to read about the adventures. I may in fact pretend to be in africa whilst sitting at my desk at work.

Seriously, you two have a great time. congrats on surviving gatwick.


jess stoner

emelise knapp said...

Hope you 2 have fun!I love you, be safe!Love your little sister- emelise knapp

Tom said...

Hey Brad

Tom said...

Hey Megan

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