Monday, February 12, 2007

Zimbabwe News: The Audacity of Robert Mugabe

The authors of the Knapp Adventure Blog are laughing really hard right now at a bit of news--we had to share.

Apparently Robert Mugabe, the intensely incompetent leader of Zimbabwe, is asking for citizens to contribute funds to his birthday celebration.

I love the audacity. So he expropriated the lands of anyone with money and then destroyed the homes of the poorest . . . I'm assuming folks are lining up to buy him champagne and tasty treats. Oh yeah, the country has also been experiencing 1,600% inflation, and the party will only cost $ 1.2 million (in US dollars, mind you . . . that's 300 million Zimbabwean dollars . . . wait, thirty seconds have passed, make that 301 million and counting).

It is truly amazing when world leaders become totally disconnected from their electorate and begin making decisions as if they exist in a vacuum. That would never happen here . . . would it?

1 comment:

George said...

I bet it's a major issue in the Knapp 2020 campaign...

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