Monday, June 9, 2008

Countdown to Bonnaroo

I am excited.  Probably more than excited--I'm actually thrilled.  We are now in the countdown to the final days (hours? . . . no, still days) to the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

It is an inaugural visit for Megan and me.  We have loved our Austin City Limits festivals, but those are drastically different.  After all, each night after ACL featured a bed and a shower and a large meal. 
Bonnaroo involves camping, in tents, in the heat.  The showers are hoses, and the food comes from vendors.  The shows do not end promptly at 10:30 PM but instead range through the night.  It is a different sort of experience and one that will likely bring the crowd closer together.
So here we are, on the brink.  We currently have the tent airing out in the media room, clothing piled on the guest bed, snack stuff and various tarps on the dining room table, and a few final supplies on order overnight from REI.  We are darn near ready.  Updates and photos to come . . . . first comes the music.


Ricky Bush said...

Oh, well, you know Back In The Day...well, maybe not even then were they pulling off something as massive as what these Bonnaroo things have turned into. Be sure and catch Levon Helm (an American icon who led the Band w/Robbie Robinson), Little Feat (if they are anywhere near a sniff of their old-selves, they'll be great),Derek Trucks & wife Susan Tedeshi (I'm sure you've heard of them) and Back Door Slam (bunch of young upstarts trying to update the blues for you younguns). Be careful and have some fun! Anyway--

Luv ya'll--

EmElise said...

hey yall i miss yall so much!!!!!
i loved all the pictures of bonnaroo. We are having a big cook out tonight and The husbands are here ,uncle rick and tammy and the girls are here and luke and Jesicia. we are going to sisters's tonight for bonfire smores!! yum!! i have to go and distroy the boys with my jeti powers!! weve been playing with light savers!!!!! hahaha
love yall! :) em

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