Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just before six this morning, I knew my weekend routine was forever changed. I heard pawing and a bit of crying coming from inside the crate at the foot of our bed. We had been through this drill: Harper needed to take care of some business. Megan had taken the 3 AM shift, so it was clearly my turn. If we have any hope of housebreaking the little guy, I needed to get in gear quickly. Day Two of dog ownership had begun, and, as I noticed the remnants of last night's margaritas trouncing around my skull, I felt it had begun far too early.

But, it turns out, this was a great way to start a day. Harper reminded me immediately that there is so much to do that I was missing just laying in bed. There are noises to investigate, bushes to pounce, and, most importantly, a whole world of objects just waiting to be gnawed. We played hard until sunrise, at which point I grabbed a guitar and he grabbed a nap. This may just work out.

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