Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Song

Heard a new one at dinner tonight in Buenos Aires. To the tune of jingle bells, ching ching ching, ching ching ching, ching ching navidad!

So there you go. Also, you can now post comments freely without my moderation. so feel free to express yourselves.

Yet further South tomorrow. I expect my internet access to vanish or at least decline substantially. Just in case, felize navidad!


Ricky Bush said...

Harper says Fleas Navidad (stole that one somewhere). Sounds like y'all having a goood time thus far.

JB said...

Either there is no direct translation for "jingle bells" or those So-Am folks are even more lazy than I have been lead to believe.

Cheers...Merry Christmas...travel safe and, most importantly, bring me back something nice :)

Erin said...

I´m ecxited to see ya´ll here in Baires!! my boyfriend knows the words to the song to the jingle bells, we can all sing it. glad you enjoyed rio and reading ya´lls posts made me extremely jealous!! suadades para brasil!!

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