Saturday, January 6, 2007

Heading Home

Cape Town has been very good to us. We've eaten like kings (Megan had a divine butternut squash ravioli last night while I devoured some wildebeest . . . we're also sampling chocolate desserts across town. . . last night's souffle might have taken the cake . . . ). Tonight we eat a place called Savoy Cabbage that's supposed to be tasty.

We've been to the Cape of Good Hope, the botanical gardens, seen the penguins, and taken a death-defying boat through rough seas to see seals. Tomorrow we're off to Stellenbosch for a vineyard visit and wine tasting before catching the plane home (if a day at the vineyard won't send us toward sleep on the flight, we're hopeless).

Our current crash pad, the Hemingway House, is delightful. The rooms are very dramatic and well decorated--a very cool spot to land. We feel like we're taking decorating tips with each new room we see. Atlanticview had amazing views and great service--Hemingway House has brilliant design.

Now to open one of the champagne bottles we've collected as we get ready for dinner. We'll give Cape Town a proper farewell.

We're looking forward to catching up with everyone after our return, and, of course, check in the coming week for photos and video posting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything is winding down just about right. Glad the final leg was so nice and enjoyable. We'll pray for a safe and uneventful trip back to stateside and the Big D.

Luv ya--
Daddy Rick

Anonymous said...

Welcome home children

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear all about the trip especially the chocolate desserts you both

George said...

Ooh, if you get this... bring back some Amarula.

You're alcoholic buddy,


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