Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maasai Song and Dance

Having struggled through various limitations (technological knowledge, lack of hard drive space, really slow processor), we finally have video.

More videos will appear in the weeks to come. For now, this video features a short clip of Maasai song and dance.


Anonymous said...

Brad, you have created a really wonderful narrative here. I enjoyed every sentence that you wrote. You have a real gift. I felt as if I was sweating along with you and Megan as you trekked across the East. The photos are fabulous.
Luv ya--
Daddy Rick

Wes said...

Brad, I have to agree with Daddy Rick. Your narrative is warm and conveys a real sense of what your experienced. You may have a future in such expression.

I love the inclusion of the video. What a great moment captured.
Daddy Wes

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