Tuesday, January 23, 2007


As mentioned in a previous post, Megan and I met a New York Times photographer for West Africa while in Cape Town. We had a brief breakfast with him at the Hemingway House before we headed out to Stellenbosch.

Thanks to Megan's sleuthing, we realized that the photographer is Jehad Nga. He has recently taken amazing photographs in Chad, Sudan and throughout West Africa.

Megan discovered a slideshow of his photographs from Ethiopia. The photos are amazing. Not only does he work the light to create stunning images that defy the two-dimensional medium, but he chooses unique subjects. Many photographs from Ethiopia focus on huddled masses and portray those masses as something more animal that human. His photographs reveal the dignity that those other photos tend to deny.

After seeing these images, we wish we could return to that breakfast and ask a different set of questions. I might begin with asking something practical: film or digital?


Angie said...

I must say that this blog has provided me with oodles of entertainment while I'm at work...thank you! What a fantastic adventure and story.

George said...

Wow. Ghosts do exist.

Anonymous said...

Just had time to browse quickly through the latter entries until today when I had time to absorb each page and set of photos a little better. Marvelous stuff here. I wish that the Brenham High server didn't filter out blogs, so I could show my classes the trip when we take up Africa in a few weeks. I'll try to copy some of the stuff on a flash drive and try it out. Anyway, I really enjoyed your adventure tales.

Luv ya--
Daddy Rick

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