Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bon Voyage: Eze, Provence, Rhone Valley

I'm long overdue to try to resurrect this thing.  I think somewhere in the whirlwind of two children, relocation to a new city, the availability of other social media, and an intense workload the dear old blog has collected dust, another dormant page in a vast sea of content.

Megan and I are soon off to France for a kid-free trip in honor of our tenth anniversary.  It seems fitting to bring the blog back to life, as we founded it as the main way to keep our family updated while on our honeymoon to Africa.   We are actually a bit out of our element taking a trip like this.  Instead of limiting my packing to three shirts I can wash in a sink and hang dry, I packed actual grown up clothing made of actual cotton.  Instead of limiting myself to my trusty Chacos--whose legacy still tattoos my feet--I have shoes with tops on them.  Instead of extensive health clinic trips for vaccinations and preventative medication, I think I get to just show up and drink wine.  Anyway, it's confusing.

Our plans take us to Nice, where we will rent a car and head up the coast to Eze.  After a few days on the coast, we plan to work our way back through Provence and into the Rhone Valley.  There will be cooking classes.  There will be wine.  There will be relaxation.  I will stretch the limits of the one year of French I took at Amarillo High School to impossible and hopefully not insulting bounds.  Adieu, adieu, adieu--


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