Thursday, July 28, 2016


We have made it to Provence. We spent yesterday wandering Aix-en-Provence. Lunch of steak frites at an outdoor cafe once frequented by Cezanne, Zola, and Picasso. Wandered by an assortment of fountains, some mossy, some not. Then drove down smaller and smaller country roads until arriving at a beautifully restored 17th century farmhouse. The designer who brought the place back to life managed a perfect balance of preserving the integrity of the structure while tying in modern art and furnishings. The place is captivating.

Last night we traveled to Las Pastras in Cadenet for a truffle hunt. The tour was fascinating, and I have a renewed appreciation for this remarkable food. At the end of the tour we gorged on truffle as the sun set over the olive fields and vineyards. We will savor the memory of this experience for some time.

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