Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lourmarin, Provence

I'm going to light our guidebook on fire. It led us on a hunt for a silly little fountain in Aix. Now it told us that Lourmarin, the charming town in the distance, was basically an ok place for a car to breakdown and while stuck there go see some chateau.

So we rolled into town thinking we'd see a chateau and move onto the next town. Au contraire. This town is awesome. It's really got everything. Great little cafes. Excellent art galleries. Charming, narrow lanes. The grave of Albert Camus. Really everything.

We wandered. We saw the chateau. I paid respects to Camus, recalling a study abroad summer where I read his entire works over espresso and angst. We dined at a great little patio on garden fresh tomatoes while watching the world scurry by. We nearly bought some extremely dark modern art (but passed upon reflection and with full stomachs).

Anyway, Lourmarin is wonderful. Tonight we dine at Cucuron and then onward tomorrow to cooking class.

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